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The Jane Gifford: Memories: Phil Copestake of Warkworth

Phil Copestake of Warkworth remembers:

"Left Warkworth Wharf on the Jane Gifford to go to the regatta at Sullivans Bay. All went well on the downward journey.

Len Cassleton (who was son in law to Mrs Blair who ran the shop opposite the hotel in Warkworth) took ice cream and soft drinks in canvas bags of the type in use at that time, to sell at the Sullivans Bay Regatta and on the Jane Gifford. To get the items ashore Len enlisted the help of a few of us to help him.

When the picnic was over about 3pm the tide was going out and the skipper of the scow was keen to get up the river to Warkworth. We loaded up the dinghy with Len's goods and they were shuttled back to the scow. With the goods safely onboard, the boat left without us.

It was a hot summers afternoon and we had little option but to walk from Sullivans back to Warkworth. I remember little of the walk except the fact that the nice biscuit tin that mother had packed our lunch in became the object of my frustration so I kicked it most of the way along Windy Ridge. Mothers' good tin was no good anymore.

Len Cassleton who had gone with his goods on the Jane Gifford came later in his little vehicle and picked us up at the northern end of Windy Ridge. I arrived around 7pm to my home in Pulham Rd overlooking the Mahurangi River. From the veranda I could see the Jane Gifford, aground on the mud, we beat the Bastard home."

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