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NEWSLETTER –  September  2012


This last season was a great operating season for the Jane Gifford. Despite bad weather over the summer period, we have carried a record number of passengers since November 2011.

We spent most of last year completing the rigging on the boat and this last summer is the first summer that the boat has been operational under both power and sail, though sail training for crew must be completed before we can undertake sailing passenger trips. Dave Parker has taken an active role in taking bookings and organising charter work and school trips for the boat. This has seen the Jane Gifford at times being used 5 days each week. In April she spent 4 days as mother ship for the National Secondary Schools Sailing Regatta. This involved 220 pupils from 23 schools. We had great weather and with the help of our volunteer skippers and crew, the Jane proved to be a great asset and attraction during the Regatta. She provided a base for the children between races and a good vantage point for parents and other spectators.

Jane has been seen more frequently out of the River over the last ten months as she is used increasingly for sail training. Please see the Gallery page on the website for a new page of pictures of the Jane under sail (two samples below). We have had a number of days with different wind conditions training the crew to handle the boat and we have had several days with guests aboard. The Meiklejohn Family, whose ancestors were involved in building the Jane, recently joined the boat on Kawau Bay for a days sailing in strong wind conditions.

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On the last weekend of this month, September, the Jane Gifford will be sailing down to Voyager National Maritime Museum in Auckland, to take part in a Heritage Festival along with the Museum Vessels, the Spirit of New Zealand, and a number of steamboats, including Kapanui and Zeltic, travelling down separately. It will be a weekend of interest, as the on the water boatshow will also be happening just next door in the Viaduct.

The past ten months have been successful financially. We have had a good level of earnings and also several grants. We endeavour to keep costs down as low as possible and children and young people on school and education trips only make a gold coin donation. We need funds to keep the vessel operating and also to attend to some finishing details in the galley and in the plumbing and electrical systems. New Zealand Community Trust and Warkworth Tourist Promotions have generously contributed over the last few months to assist in completing the boat. The funds we raise through trips and charter work pay for the annual haulout and ongoing maintenance work.

Our thanks to the volunteer skippers, crew, and to everyone involved in the organisation who contribute in many different ways to the successful operation of the Jane.


Jane Gifford Steering Committee


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